Secure Data Shredding

Digital Data Destruction: Procom specialise in securing data by physically destroying redundant computer hard drives and digital medias.

All computers have confidential data stored on their hard drives and all company's or organization at some point will have the problem of the safe disposal of that data.

Whether it is sensitive company details, bank or credit card information, employee records, personal records, medical data, the list is endless.

Unless this data is handled properly it can easily fall into the wrong hands with disastrous consequences for both the person to which the data relates and also the source of data loss.

Using data wiping software to solve the problem is expensive and takes many hours to run, often unsuccessful and offers no physical evidence of data destruction.

Do the data protection laws allow you to take the risk

At Procom we protect your data by physically destroying the devices containing information and the shredded components are all properly recycled.


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